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About us

CenEnergy offers smart charging solutions and premium AC and DC infrastructure for:

  • both home and non-home projects (parkings, industrial and commercial sites)
  • for fleet and HR managers and their employees
  • for big and small companies, public and social entities and private individuals

These charging solutions are manufactured using environmentally-friendly materials such as aluminium instead of plastics.

Along with our smart chargers, we offer a CenEnergy charging card linked to a CenEnergy platform and app via subscription, to make life easier for you as a user, whether you are business, public or private client, fleet manager or employee.

CenEnergy takes care of the full journey of our customers with a 24/7 helpdesk and Customer Care team. We closely monitor your charging point on our platform and we set up the necessary interventions if remote solutions are not possible.

CenEnergy is a complete e-mobility service provider and offer guidance on how to make the shift to a green fleet and to undertake charging infrastructure projects. We also offer solutions to upgrade and optimize your existing charging infrastructure and energy use, always taking into account your specific ambitions.

Roles CenEnergy

  • OEM (Original Equipment Facturer) of industrial AC chargers designed in Belgium
  • CPO (Charge Point Operator) managing your charging points on its platform, monitors consumption and takes care of invoicing including split billing; our App guides you with information on charging points location, invoices and tariffs
  • E-MSP (e-Mobility Service Provider): with the CenEnergy charging card customers have access to more than 450.000 charging points in Europe

CenEnergy = High tech Belgian quality, Reliable, Safe and Sustainable!

Our Story

CenEnergy, a Belgian scale-up company founded in 2016, renewed its strategy in 2018 by developing its own high-end and future oriented chargers with production in Belgium and Europe, placing quality and care at the heart of its new business strategy. New investors Gumption and Ginion Group (Stéphane Sertang) were attracted to support this strategy.

Mid 2022, a new chapter started with the entrance of Belfius Bank as majority shareholder in order to join forces and to support growth ambitions of CenEnergy in offering sustainable and complete charging infrastructure solutions to Belgian society: companies and their employees, self-employed, public & social entities and private individuals, for both home and non-home projects. Together with the shareholders Cenim, Ginion Group and Jan Verbruggen. Gumption decided to left CenEnergy based on its incubator strategy to help start-ups in their first years. In July 2023 Sofie De Loecker was appointed as new CEO of CenEnergy and the management was further strengthened.

Our vision

With CenEnergy we want to contribute to a better Belgian society economically, ecologically and social sustainable:

Design and production in Belgium and Europe 

Reduction of CO2 emission by electrification 

Lower TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) 

Sustainable: Industrial materials with Aluminium instead of plastic (environmental friendly + longer lifespan + circular) 

Focus on quality through intelligent loading infrastructure and innovation investment to support energy management

Safe and Reliable charging solutions  

Belfius is an integrated bank-insurer wholly owned by the Belgian federal government, locally anchored and serves more than 3.8 million customers in all segments of the Belgian economy and society:

- Partner of 3.5 million individuals, self-employed and SMEs

- A major player in the corporate market

- Reference bank in Private Banking and Wealth Management

- Market leader in the public and non-profit sector

- More than 2 million customers now use the Belfius app every day to do their banking

After several years of commercial cooperation, Belfius joined CenEnergy in July 2022 as a major majority shareholder in order to join forces with CenEnergy to offer a sustainable and complete charging infrastructure to Belgian companies, public and social institutions and, in the future, also private individuals. With this strategic partnership, Belfius wants to move forward resolutely. And driven by its ESG ambitions to drastically reduce CO2 emissions in our country in particular and to equip Belgian society with a sustainable and complete charging infrastructure.

Belfius, the second largest bank-insurer in Belgium, consists of a bank, an insurer and several other subsidiaries including Belfius Auto Lease and Belfius Lease, and today also CenEnergy as a strategic external participation.

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Our Management Team

Sofie De Loecker

CEO Managing Director

Allan Segebarth


Vito Van Laeken


Robin Van Droogenbroeck

Sales Director

Sam Rits

Head Operations & Technics

Steven De Ridder

Head of Customer Care