Our Solutions

CenEnergy offers premium & smart charging infrastructure for electric or hybrid vehicles. These smart charging solutions are manufactured with sustainable materials such as aluminum instead of plastic that benefit the durability of your charging device.

Along with our smart chargers, we offer a CenEnergy charging pass, linked to a platform with the highest standards, and the CenEnergy app, which makes life much easier for you as a user, whether you are a business or private client.

Since we’re a premium brand, a site survey is included in our offering when you become a client. Extra services to optimize your ecological and tax advantages can be provided by our consultants on request.

Dynamic Load Balancing

Dynamic Load Balancing makes your home charging experience safer, more efficient and more convenient. It ensures that you can charge your electric vehicle with peace of mind, knowing that both your vehicle and household appliances are properly served. This helps to seamlessly integrate electric mobility into your daily life.

  • Safety and smart power distribution: When other appliances in the home, such as the air conditioner, washing machine or oven are active and consuming electricity, this can reduce the available power. Dynamic Load Balancing automatically adjusts the charging power of the charging station to avoid overloading the power grid.
  • Comfort: The charging station is equipped with advanced sensors and software that constantly monitors the electrical load of the home and the available electricity network. You can charge your electric vehicle without worrying about the impact on other devices in your home. The system automatically adjusts the charging rate to meet your needs.
  • Cost savings: More efficient power management can lead to lower electricity costs. CenEnergy can limit your charging device to a maximum power, preventing your charging device from creating peak consumption. You can request a charging power adjustment via info@cenenergy.be  

AC charging solutions


Ideal for home

  • Maximum 22kW
  • 1-phase (1P + N) or 3-phase (3P + N) connection
  • 1 cable or socket (Type 2)
  • Wallbox or mounting pole (option)

Easy Hybrid

Ideal when driving less than 120km/day.

  • Maximum 2.3kW 
  • No installation cost, connect to a wall contact
  • Start/stop by RFID


Ideal for corporate and public parking lots​

  • Maximum 22kW per channel
  • 1-phase (1P + N) or 3-phase (3P + N) connection
  • 2 sockets (Type 2)
  • Internal load balancing 
  • Wallbox or mounting pole (option)


Ideal for corporate and public parking lots​

  • Maximum 22kW per channel
  • Three-phase connection (3P + N)
  • 2 cables or 2 sockets (Type 2)​
  • Internal load balancing 

DC charging solutions

DC fastcharger (DCen)


  • 1 or 2 charging points
  • Payment terminal
  • Corporate branding 

  • Ideal for company parking lots, industrial and public areas
  • DC cable of 5m standard
  • 10" Touch screen
  • Payment terminal optional
  • Various load capacities available:
    • DCen40 = 40 kW
    • DCen80 = 80 kW
    • DCen120 = 120 kW
    • DCen160 = 160 kW
    • DCen200 = 200 kW
    • DCen240 = 240 kW