The CenEnergy management system

Our Cen back office is the most advanced and the most complete on the market. It is compatible with other platforms and protocols and is not linked to a single type of computing equipment or specific charging technology.

    • The information dashboard is available to all end users, with guaranteed uptime.
    • All the charging terminals can be located on a map and their status is notified in real time.
    • Every manager or end customer is able to manage their own fleet of charging terminals.
    • Service and helpline are available 24/7.
    • Fully automatic billing system that complies with the European SEPA standard and the new European rules on value added tax. This guarantees compliant billing.
    • Integration of split billing.
    • The entire platform is multilingual UK/DE/NL/BE/FR/IT/ES and can be expanded upon request.
    • EU-wide with Hubject / E-Clearing / Gireve / Eviolin.
    • CIR database synchronisation. There is a direct connection with other roaming suppliers.
    • Support for OCHP, OICP, OSCP.
    • OCPI support. The OCPI protocol guarantees that our end users can also make direct use of the charging terminals of other suppliers as regards statuses and starting or stopping charging sessions via our own platform.
    • Messages relating to status and technical incidents are automatically recorded and transmitted to the helpdesk 24/7. 80 % of technical incidents can be resolved on line.

"A back office that promotes an open-minded attitude and offers freedom of action for management and end users alike is essential."


The back office is capable of regulating and displaying renewable energy consumption thanks to a connection between our controllers within the charging infrastructure - containing solar panels - and the connection to the grid. This connection and display are unique on the charging infrastructures market in Belgium. These figures and the possibilities available can help optimise your dealership or your company and thereby cut costs.

All these functionalities are integrated into our current charging infrastructure.