SmartGrid & Loadbalancing

How can you make optimal use of the electricity grid without the need for major investments or adaptations to the grid?

Using renewable energy sources efficiently to support sustainable e-mobility is currently a crucial issue. CenEnergy has developed a smart solution to bring the (reduced cost) production of renewable energy – for example via solar panels – into line with customer consumption. Otherwise, energy disappears in the grid, only to be redistributed in the evening, at a higher rate. Home batteries are recharged during the day using less expensive renewable energy which is stored and can be used the smart way at traditional peak consumption times in order to reduce the customer's energy costs. Rechargeable hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles can also play a crucial role as they provide additional storage capacity in the V2G (vehicle-to-grid) concept. This local CENSmart Grid (1.0, 2.0 or 3.0) can be smoothly integrated into the smart charging infrastructure that CenEnergy offers its private and especially professional customers. Thanks to this innovative solution, CenEnergy clearly stands out on the market, as no other player is in a position to offer this smart local smart management via their own control system installed in the charging station.

CENSmart Grid 1.0 (load balancing)

Enables capacity to be divided between two vehicles on a double charging station. As standard, the load balancing is active between two outlets. Account is taken here of the nominal power of the charging terminal. Moreover, load balancing can be deployed on a large scale by means of a coupling with a UTP cable in series between the charging terminals.

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CENSmart Grid 2.0 (local smart charging)

To take this a step further, it is also possible to use an additional electricity meter installed after the main incoming power supply to take account dynamically, in real time, of the total consumption of the building or department. Here too, coupling is very easy thanks to a UTP cable going from the electricity meter after the main circuit breaker to the charging terminal controller.

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CENSmart Grid 3.0 (coupling with sustainable energy)

To add the finishing touch, a coupling can be established with any solar panel transformers available. This takes account of the renewable energy created, which can be used by the charging infrastructure in real time. This coupling can also be easily established thanks to the power and intuitive aspect of the controller, without the need for additional third-party components.

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The next step will be coupling to batteries. CenEnergy aims to develop grid that is as renewable and as autonomous as possible.

Why CENSmart Grid?

  • The local electricity grid is protected against overloading.
  • The available power is optimally distributed for all the electric cars that have to be charged.
  • The grid is used as efficiently as possible without the need for major investments or adaptations to your grid.
  • Consumption can be controlled on the basis of the available power and the market price of the energy supplier.
  • The load management for the Smart Grid application is also integrated into the software – Master/Slave connection with up to 24 controllers.
  • Possibility of connecting an LCD screen to display data on the charging terminal (solar/battery and net consumption and production on site).
  • The IE8511 Communication Protocol between the car and the charging terminal to read relevant information is also available. This facilitates management of the vehicle fleet.